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Monday, March 18, 2013


By Alexandre Dumas [ first serialized in 1844 ]
Adapted by Clarissa Hutton
Pictures and illustrations by Brett Helquist
Adapted text copyright © 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers
Illustrations copyright © 2011 by Callicter-Helquist Creative LLC
ISBN 978-0-06-206013-6 | 374 p

When I bought this edition, simply because the catching and beautiful illustrated in the cover (and there’s several inside the book), in additional it was on bargain price too ... never realize that it was retold for younger reader, so this stories will be edited and more approachable to classic beginner. That’s why I also read the translation edition who had unabriged version [ you can read my review on this edition at here : Trio Musketri ].

Alexandre Dumas was one of my favorite author, ever since I read The Count of Monte Cristo, a story about innocent victim who not only survive from death-penalty that giving by his enemy, but also immerge from the death, establish a new life with only one purpose : to get-back and revenge everyone who betrayed him. If TcoM full with dark-thought, how a kind and gentle person changes after years being torture (mostly on his mind), The Three Musketeers offers another side of adventures and heroisme, by bringing back the life of Musketeers – the loyal army who their duty is to protect the King and the Queen of French, by all means from enemy from outside, and also from inside.

~ Queen Anne of Austria ~ [ source ]
This story not only provide an advetures, it’s also mixed with romance involving scandal, hidden agenda and conspiracy (what an interesting themes from a story). Using the naive young character named d’Artagnan, a boy from Gascon who have high dreams becoming member of the legendary Musketeers. Despite all the slogan of honor and heroisme who often mention during the story, I think the author also point at the truth behind the life among high society especially in Royal Family. Sets on 17th century, when French rules by King Louis XIII who constantly disagree with Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, where they both have big influence and great army of their own, split the nation into continously-war, and involving anothers as alliance such as Spain and England.

While Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, preparing secret conspiracy to break the union between England and French, using romance scandal between Queen of French with Duke of Buckingham – appointed illaison from Queen of England, his plan interupted by young d’Artagnan, naive, reckless, and have high spirit when he determine to pursue his dreams. When d’Artagnan meet Milady – a beautiful and irressitable woman, who also works as spies and ruthless assasin for Cardinal, they life changing into spider-web, involving others life and death. And the adventures begins (^_^) .... This first part of serialized from d’Artagnan Romances [ follow by Twenty Years After and The Vicomte of Bragelonne : Ten Years Later ] will gave you a tour on French Kingdom, the hidden secret lies beneath all the glamour life of high society, the war inside the Kingdom its self, where everyone have their own agenda.

Note : despite d’Artagnan was the main character of this story, the author also gave amount portion on others musketrees, between Athos, Aramis and Porthos, but the biggest and most remembering episode was between Athos and Milady, that until the end makes an expression that cannot easly forget by readers, just like when I finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo, you will pressume that Edmond Dantès | Count of Monte Cristo and Maximillian Morrel, but at the end my lasting impression caught on Albert Morcerf – another victims who taking his own destiny, just like Athos.

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I read this book together with Fanda, Melisa and Althesia.

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  1. aku sampe akhir bingung kenapa judulnya Three musketeers padahal main characternya itu si D'Artagnan..eh setelah browsing2 dan baca reviewnya mba fanda baru ngerti deh :)

  2. I will never regret buying this edition, the illustrations are priceless! But I still want to read Three Musketeers in the original version (well, translated into English, cause I don't speak French).
    And I don't think d'Artagnan is naive, he was smart even from the very beginning, even though the label of hot-headed Gascon will never leave his person. :D

  3. I'm wondering, does this edition mentioning also how Milady changed a Puritan mind (Lord Winter's assistant) to let her go and killed Buckingham? Does it tell in details what she'd done it day by day? I get bored of it, that I skipped that part.

  4. I have heard a lot about the three musketeers. I didn't get a chance to have my hands on this masterpiece. I love a story which contains romance, conspiracy, and something good to learn by the end of the chapter.

    Thank you for reviewing this book. I'm looking forward to buying it for sure.

    Henry Jordan
    The Equation Game