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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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It's Wednesday again, time for me to share one of books on My Wishful List. Just when I made my own Blog Hop ( it's FANTASY FRIDAY with Children Classic Literature ), I came a crossed with one of my favorite author, all her books ( mostly ) has been great influence on my readings habit as a child. But just last week when I looking for her books, I just realiaze, who she really are is quite "question-marks" for my self. Then I saw there's an autobiography of her ... so these books should be added on my Reading List and my basket books-shopping !!


In the forward by Gillian Baverstock (one of Enid Blyton's daughters) she explains a little about why Barbara Stoney was chosen, and I'll paraphrase some of it here. In her later years, Enid expressed the hope that her biography might be written by her daughter, Gillian. In the months following Enid's death, Gillian found she just didn't have enough time on her hands to commit to such an involved process as writing a biography, and decided to wait a few years. But when a close friend of Enid's died, Gillian realized that the writing of the biography could no longer be delayed, especially as many of Enid's other close friends and acquaintances were elderly.

A number of people wrote to offer their services as Enid's biographer, but none seemed suitable... until Barbara Stoney came along. She had been working on the life of a master thatcher, who had taken her along to Old Thatch where Enid and her daughters lived until 1938. Barbara's interest in the author grew from there, and it turned out she knew more about those days at Old Thatch than Gillian herself, even though Gillian had spent her childhood there! It seemed Barbara Stoney had an instinctive understanding of the sort of person Enid was, and this led to her being chosen.

Barbara Stoney’s Biography of Enid Blyton ( Revised )
I have a copy of the original biography, bought secondhand, but it's important to note that this new, revised edition really is revised and contains up-to-date book listings and facts that were found to be inaccurate in the original. That's not to say Barbara didn't do her job well first time round – on the contrary, virtually all the book listings you'll find printed elsewhere are based upon Barbara's intense research in the early seventies. Those who offer a book listing of Blyton's work, especially on the internet, are usually just cribbing from others, who in turn have cribbed from Barbara's biography; this is evidenced by the fact that the same minor errors made in the seventies crop up time and time again in listings today.

There are a few exceptions to this, notably Tony Summerfield of the Enid Blyton Society, who has done his own research over many years. After scouring the countryside and spending many, many hours on the road (and probably a fortune on petrol, coffee and snacks), Tony has produced an even more definitive book listing. This was added to the Enid Blyton Society website earlier in 2006, and is now available in printed form in this new edition of Barbara Stoney's Biography.

For those wanting to know all about Enid Blyton's life – her parents, where Enid grew up, the piano lessons she didn't want, her days as a school teacher, her first published stories and poems, and then her launch into novels – you MUST buy this book! 

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  1. kereeen...aku blm pernah baca bio nya enid..katanya ada filmnya juga ya? =) eh btw aku baru tau dirimu udah ada bloghop juga, ikutan aaah hari jumat hihihi

    1. Iya, aq juga kebetulan kok nemu buku ini pas lagi browsing buku-buku Enid Blyton :D
      Ayo-ayo, ikutan blog hop-ku, baru mulai kok April ini, dan klo rutin & rajin ikuti setiap minggunya, ada juga program Giveaway bagi followerku yang setia hehe ...
      Buku-buku yang aq buat Giveaway berhubungan dengan postinganku, ini dalam rangka Birthday Giveaway (^o^)

  2. Aku juga suka dengan karya-karya enid blyton..menarik nih biografi beliau ^^. btw aku follow blogmu ya. :)