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Thursday, January 31, 2013

MY CHARACTER THURSDAY [ 13 ] : Samuel Parris


This week I’m still focusing on The Crucible by Arthur Miller. At first, I reveal Abigail Williams as the main character who created this tragedy as the main themes on this story. But now I reveal another person that also taking big-part on how this things even began to happens.  If you wishes to know a lot more on this story, check on my review in HERE, as for today character, I will talk a little-bit about REVEREND SAMUEL PARRIS
  • Are they protagonist or antagonist?
Well he cannot be the protagonist since from the very start he already one and the only adult who knows the real ‘event’ that makes those girls starting act very strange and mysterious. I don’t believe he don’t unnderstand the meaning behid those epidemic illness and accusation, who lead into killing innocent people. I will held him as the person who taking responsibility on this tragedy. He might not knowing the motives behind Abigail action, but he should open-up with commoners on the main event that happens before this crazy things explode in the society. After all, he is an adult-grown man, who should know better on what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • Who are they? What was their role in the book?
Reverend Samuel Parris is the consider as the leader of Salem’s villagers, but he cannot act as a role model. Only a few of them who respect him as a person nor the leader. He had really bad-temper, never believing in others and always had negative thinking about someone else. He thinks all the people of his parrisian should give a better offer on his service, speacially he works as the liasions between commoner and their God’s, and this act got a really strong feedbacks from several people – just when he pursue ‘money’ and ‘power’ as the answers to everyone’s who want to belong as the follower of the church. He also the only adult person who knows the truth behind the strange-epidemic happens on several girls, starting by his own daughter Betty Parris, accompanied by his niece Abigail Williams who later become the leader of this crazy act and pretenses.
  • What was your strongest impression on the character(s)? You can quote the dialogue or narration you got the impression from.
He just a small-minded person who never care about others, even his own daughter, and his action further more in this crazy-parade just as the same pretenses the girls doing. If Abigail Williams consider as the role-model for the girls to start ‘mimic’ as the victim on devil’s works, he as the leader of those parrisian, and as the adult, should know better, what right and what wrong. But he choose the wrong ways to avoid hummiliation and deep inside his heart, he so afraid on how will people thinking and talking behind his back, when they know the truth : he watch and witness his daughter, his niece with several girls, dancing and singing, doing a ritual in the forbidden forrest, naked and drinking blood with his black slave Tituba as the mediator ...that’s sound awful even for him.
In history he cut a villainous path, and there is very little good to be said for him. He believed he was being persecuted wherever he went, despite his best efforts to win people and God to his side. In meeting, he felt insulted if someone rose to shut the door without first asking his permission. He was a widower with no interest inchildren, or talent with them.
  • What are the strengths or weaknesses of your character(s)?
He had no strengths at least on the personality, it is a sad things considering he should be the leader and give commoner the true lesson on God’s works inside human’s soul on everyday life. But because of his lack of self-respect, he even sometimes disbelief his own faith and keep asking why God’s didn’t gave him satisfaction on his works, why his life seems so miserable while he should be blessed and fulfil by God’s Power.
  • How do they develop throughout the book?
He remind me like a mouse caught stealing food from the storage, but trying blame it to some else as his desperate ways to finding another escape holes. He and his niece Abigail, just like side-by-side developing their ability to create the situation where everyone else can point the source of problem by accusing somebody else. His counsence finnaly  appears later, but not by his own willing, but because another hummiliation he cannot bare since Abigail already runaway and stole his secret safebox. As always, he blame it to somebodey else, never looks into his own face, his eyes nor listen more to his heart ...
  • What makes you love/hate them?
Can I love nor hate him ? Well, his lack of personality makes him become an dislike person, his cowardness hiding behind his own daughter’s guilt, full with disbelief and his own superstitious. Don’t know why the ministers giving him such position as the leader when he cannot lead them in the right way. But that might happen in close community, when  people don’t have proper communication with others outside their community, they tends to be unsocialis and close-minded person too. The society and community often got the higher power on their life. Can you imagine when those power handed into wrong person ?? This is just another example of corrupted ministers and juctice never be proper done by them, ‘cause the ‘main-agenda’ in everyone mind.
  • What lessons or influences you got from them?
He surely describe as an poor leader, cannot get respect from others, and trying to reaching his honor by doing just the opposite things. His rivalry with John Proctor simply starting when John often did not show up on his church, and that starting when he keep on preaching how the villager should ‘pay’ him more for his servants. John Proctor was a straight forward man, and his act based on his belief, had insulting Parrish, becoming the main basic motive when Proctor’s name are called as one of those guilty one. Samuel Parrish never learn to admitted his own guilt, he prefer to runaway (just like his niece, but in better solution) from his obligation. At the end, he parrish from the ministers, when the scandal on Abigail’s secret start to spread among the society. 

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  1. So Samuel is supposed to be a good leader in his Parisian, but kept silent to the crime he witnessed?

    1. yes indeed, that's why I took him as the same position as Abigail, his role makes him guilty as an accomplish in those crime.