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Friday, November 16, 2012

Reading Challenge "LET'S READ PLAY"

Again, this year I join another Reading Challenge, and this event really makes me scared, why ? Because it's about Plays, and I never-ever read or dare to read such literature. But then again, this year I already declare to challenge my-self and get-out from my comfort-zone. So here I'm, trying and struggling to read nad understand the meaning of its plays, and write some review about it. Thanks God, I have some friends who also reading it together, so when I stumble on something that not quite sure what this is about, just call / contact my friends, and gets some explanation to do :D 

This event names Let's Read Play host by Fanda and Dessy as a co-host. It suppose to be a year read-along challenge, but for my self, maybe I'm gonna took several month to pick and read some of them. This challenge will start on November 2012 - November 2013. If you also want to join this event, just go to this Sign Up Post. Every month will be a different themes, you can choose wether you'll join every month (a year along), or just simple several months on the theme you prefer. To check on what themes are they, just go to this "Themes List" and also to help you with the choices, here several guidance of plays-title Guidance

Here is My Own List of Reading Plays : 

Nov.'12 : [ Shakespeare Tragedy ] : Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare -- read with Fanda, Melisa, Listra
Dec.'12 : [ Shakespeare Comedy ] :As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Jan. '13 : [ Freebie ] : The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Feb.'13 : [ Shakespeare History ] :
Mar.'13 : [ Greek ] :
Apr.'13 : [ Shakespeare Comedy ] : The Tempest by William Shakespeare
May.13 : [ Shakespeare Tragedy ] : King Lear by William Shakespeare
June'13 : [ Oscar Wilde ] :
July '13 : [ others ] :
Aug.'13 : [ Shakespeare Comedy ] : Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare -- read with Fanda
Sep.'13 : [ Freebie ] :
Oct.'13 : [ Shakespeare Tragedy ] :Anthony & Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

*Note : I'm not gonna put a whole list yet, it's gonna come along with and when I decided to pick and reads them, hopelly I can make it at least half of a year-along program.
Best Regards, 

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  1. Great! Hope you'll enjoy the plays, I know it's new to you, but after few plays, I'm sure you'll get familiar.