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Thursday, October 18, 2012

MY CHARACTER THURSDAY [ 10 ] : Melanie Hamilton Wilkes from "Gone With The Wind"


In this month, I’m finished with Gone With The Wind’s Reading, and so many things to tell, but as far as I can makes some reviews here is an extraordinary character (beside Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler) that had been ‘perform’ and give this stories another development, another perception on how we should think and act through hard-difficult life.

~Olivia de Havilland as Melanie~[ source ]
"Melanie Hamilton / Melanie Wilkes from Gone With The Wind"
  • Are they protagonist or antagonist?
She was a sweet person, always thinking possitive way, looks the best-side of people, sometimes even so naive about people who rude or hate her for the‘goodness-obey-manners’, so she definately a protagonist character.   
  • Who are they? What was their role in the book?
[ source ]
At first she only taking part as the side-kick of the main character : Scarlett O’Hara ...or I can say she’s becoming enemy number 1 for Scarlett, for having Ashley Wilkes as her husband, yet she doesn’t know about that, a simply loving both his husband and Scarlett as her own sister’s (specially since Scarlett marrying her brother Charles Hamilton)
  • What was your strongest impression on the character(s)? You can quote the dialogue or narration you got the impression from.
[ source ]
So many ways to discribed Melanie character, but I can make it into one : She is good person, inside her heart and outside her act. She trust in God’s will that everything had its ways, never judging others no matter how bad the situations, but if someone mistaken her for a very weak person, maybe if you only seeing her from outside looks, but deep inside, she’s had her own opinion and on strange situation, she will stood-up on her belief, no matter what.
“But how nice it would be to know that some good Yankee woman - And there must be SOME good Yankee women. I don’t care what people say, they can’t all be bad! How nice it would be to know that they pulled weeds off our men’s graves and brought flowers to them, even if they were enemies. If Charlie were dead in the North it would comfort me to know that someone - And I don’t care what you ladies think of me,” her voice broke again, “I will withdraw from both clubs and I’ll — I’ll pull up every weed off every Yankee’s grave I can find and I’ll plant flowers, too — and — I just dare anyone to stop me!”
~Melanie's from Gone With The Wind~
  • What are the strengths or weaknesses of your character(s)?
Like I said before, for being naive and almost never sees the bad or negative things on people, like Scarlett who makes enemy along step she makes, then Melanie do the same but with the opposite-result. Every one from children to older people, from poor and peasant to wealthy, from  hookers to a lady, from criminals to respectable people, every one love and respect her opinion.
  • How do they develop throughout the book?
  • What makes you love/hate them?
[ source ]
On first impression, I think she just ‘dump-silly’ girl who living in the dreams like Ashley Wilkes (yes, again I said it, I don’t like Ashley’s character from the very start, no one as perfect like that, Scarlett only imaginaging and fantasies about it ...), but when the stories began to enter teh conflict, the ugly situation in war, the hard works in plantations, she’s becoming much more alive, showing how vulnerable she is, but at the same time she can be as tough as Scarlett is, especially if involve the life of people she love. But my biggest ‘love-part’ is not a love-scene, its when Melanie sees the eyes of Rhett Butler, she can related and see what deep inside his heart that being sealed and close for everyone. Melanie even admmited she a little bit scare of Rhett’s big-masculine postur, but she had a little braveness coming from her warm-heart, never hesitate to norture eveyone whon need comforting and loving-care. The big-masculine and ‘i don’t care’ acts Rhett Butler perform, never escape from her eyes, the truth behind his act, how he deeply in love with Scarlett, and she just broken his heart many-many-times. She maybe not the main character, but she always be ‘a glue’ that keeps the relationships between Scarlett-Rhett-Ashley, so when she’s gone, everyone else are falling-apart. Who know, such a ‘weak-person’ can have so much powerful influence to others.
  • What lessons or influences you got from them?
[ source ]
I’m never been passion with others, sometimes I forget peoples or humans are very unique and had its own ways to express themself. Being different should makes me more understand about the variety of humans, but instead looking for ‘bad-difference’ i should do more often ‘Melanie- sight’ on how sees peoples on their’s act and relationships. I don’t mean to be as good as Melanie, but if I can take at least half of her possitive thinking into daily life, well maybe I will become less ‘bad-person’ inside and outside my heart. Trust In God’s will is easy to be said, but to really puts in the real world, many-many-many times I slipped and forgot about it (specially in bad-terms). Her character maybe just fictional, but actually I can see it in the real world, through people I know, everyone I meet in daily life, there’s so many Melanie’s in outside world, I just need to adjust my ‘vision’ (or maybe its time to change my glasses (^_^) ... ), see things differently and sets my mind on good-possitive ways. 

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  1. 100% agree! Melly IS the real lady

    "Beauty doesn't make a lady, nor clothes a great lady" ~Rhett Butler.