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Monday, August 4, 2014

AUSTEN IN AUGUST 2014 [ Master Post ]


This is my third Austen-In-August RC which is previously hosted by Adam from Roof Beam Reader, but due his hectic work-schedule, this 2014 event are hosting by Jenna from Lost Generation Reader. Last year I did not quite finished my task, again because so many things happen on that month. And this year, I actually reluctant to join, specially managing  my reading schedule, can I adjusted and still manage to read another Austen (which is still stuck in my TBR Pile). But then again, the reason I enter some of RC events is to push my self on reguler reading schedule. 

That’s why now I enter (again) another challenge, and I will read “EMMA” by Jane Austen (the translation edition). I just fallin’ love with the characters on EMMA ever since I watch the BBC Adaptation several years ago, I’m so excited to start reading it by August 4th since for the whole week I spend my time in National Holiday. And ... if my time-management can be arrange and still spare me time to rad another Austen, I will also try finish-up on reading “NORTHANGER ABBEY” by Jane Austen ... (^_^)

So what’s your choice for Austen’s this month ? If you like join us, reading Austen for Auguts, just enter the sign-up at HERE

Best Regards,

Hobby Buku


  1. Good luck with fitting everything in this month.
    I have the same problem, but, like you, use these challenges to push me to get on top of my TBR pile!
    I managed to get a couple of French classics read during Paris in July....so I hope to have the same success with Austen this month :-)

  2. Thank you again for joining! Best of luck as you read through Emma and Northanger Abbey. :)

  3. There's a translation version of Emma? I always loved Northanger Abbey, it's just so much fun and it's got a great heroine! I think I might not be able to finish all the books I've put on the list but since I love Jane Austen I'll just keep reading them afterwards! I hope you enjoy both of your books!
    Juli @ Universe in Words