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Thursday, December 20, 2012

MY CHARACTER THURSDAY [ 11 ] : Jay Gatsby & Edmund Bertram


After a while, now we back on Character Thursday, and this time I like to do several post on some characters from books I’ve been reading, and the theme is 'Man fall by Woman'

First, let me introduce you with “Jay Gatsby” from the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

[ source ]

Are they protagonist or antagonist?
He is a protagonist character, but for a while the audience maybe thinks he is as an antagonist, until the half of the story ‘till the end. The author describe him so ‘mysterious’ and no one knows the truth about him, until the end.

Who are they? What was their role in the book?
Jay Gatsby is a really wealthy, rich, famous man, who always had a big party on his very luxuriuos house, with all the quest coming from also rich and famous people, stars and celibrities. But nobody knows him very well. What his work that makes him so rich. Where he come from. When he will be attending the pary or not. He so mysterious, and peoples are really interested on knowing him, but he only give permission on special people. Jay Gatsby looks surreal, and that’s the truth --- something everybody didn’t realiaze ‘cause he invented ‘Jay Gatsby’ 

What was your strongest impression on the character(s)? You can quote the dialogue or narration you got the impression from.
The author give Jay Gatsby as a character who actually pretending to be somebody else, to pursue his dreams, and the main reason is love with the wrong woman. It’s pure drama, but somehow I keep remembering about ‘the imposter’ – yes, if I put this, it’s gonna sound really negative, but what else you called someone who pretending as other person he is not ? And living it as daily life. Maybe I can called it ‘the pretender’ if ‘the imposter’ sound so negative. But don’t become such a hush-hush yet, ‘cause the way Jay Gatsby describe through story until the end, it’s gonna change your mind about it. Defenitely. 

~ Robert Redford & Mia Farrow ~ [ source ]
What are the strengths or weaknesses of your character(s)?
This is interesting, even the character describe as  the victims, I actually thinking he is a strong character. He has his priority, his obligation and always pursue his dreams no matter how hard the road he had to walk-in to get to the finish line. If there’s a weakness, it is ‘cause he falling love with the wrong woman, and choose to ignore her spoil-ego-centris-inmature character.

How do they develop throughout the book?
Jay Gatsby at first describe as a mysterious person, then he begin to open-up with another character, Nick Caraway, who also taking part as a narrator on this story. First impression, he just rich-snob person, then changing into insecure person (specially when he meet Daisy, woman he falling love with), so shy and lost his gut, then suddenly he gets his power and trying to change the situation. But everything just went wrong to another direction. Before everybody realize, the accident then follow with tragic episode already happen.

What makes you love/hate them?
I cannot love the character or even hate him, I just feeling sorry and sad on the middle until the end. It was so tragic, just like Romeo and Juliet but on this story, Juliet never looks or pursue Romeo, even when he already sacrifice everything for her. Love can be so silly and tragic.

What lessons or influences you got from them?
My Lessons : never-ever falling love so blindly (people always say love is blind, and I never understood the term, maybe ‘cause I never experience the situations), give and sacrifice but don’t forget to use your head (I mean you common sense). And marriage is works in both-two-ways between couples, when the one makes an error mistakes, is gonna influence the others without being said. It’s almost like a reflex, so be careful on the mistake you makes. 

[ source ]
[ note : another movies adaptation starring Leonardo di Caprio will be release on the year 2013 ]

Second, let me introduce you with “Edmund Bertram” from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

~ Jonny Lee Miller as Edmund Bertram ~ [ source ]
Are they protagonist or antagonist?
Edmund Bertram is easily recognize as a protagonis character. He is sweet, kind, gentle, handsome and came from honorable family. Not only he friendly with others, he also had talent to persuade others to a better choices. He is not arogant even he knows people respect and listen on what he says. For every young girls, he is a man of the dreams. But the whole perfect package had a tiny-hole in it, he’s not wealthy enough, ‘cause he is the second child and ‘cause the family heritage already gone by the lacks of his brother, the first son in the family.

Who are they? What was their role in the book?
Edmund Bertram is the second son of Bertram Family, a wealthy and honorable peole of Mansfield Park. The society and people from the village know him as a young, handsome, kind, gentle and quite boy. So different with his older brother that really enjoy having fun with his friend, travelling and partying. Becoming second son, he is not the heir of the family, but his wisdom and responsibility, far beyond his age. So almost everybody in his family, depend on him, specially when troubles comes. But like every young boy, he also had weakness when had face-to-face with a beautiful and manipulated girl. 

What was your strongest impression on the character(s)? You can quote the dialogue or narration you got the impression from.
I think Edmund Bertram is a perfect example on perfect man from the outside looks. His heart are kind, generaous, and gentle. But he had no common sense on how to do the right things if involve the relationships between man and woman (mature). Did you ever find a man with all the good quality but lacks on perspective of what rights and wrong, specially when had face-to-face with impulsive and manipulated woman. 

[ source ]
What are the strengths or weaknesses of your character(s)?
At first, I think he is the main strength on this story, ‘cause everyone else seems makes one mistake to other mistake, other than him. Then he meet Ms. Mary Crawford, and his rebellious brother, who likes play with woman hearts. Somehow he cannot see straight how ego-centris this woman, how she also can plays everyone else to do just like she wanted to be.   

How do they develop throughout the book?
Did he develop in this story, well maybe a little bit, at least he became realize how cruel and such a imposter Ms. Mary Crawford is. Behind her pretty, charming looks, there a shallow-minded person. But I not such impress with his act too, I think he still really ‘stupid’ to understand the truth, and when he finally understood it was almost-already late ( I can say this, the whole story just like moving in really really slow-motion, I cannot bare to open another pages, trying so hard to finished it)

What makes you love/hate them?
Did I love him, well I can say I like the actor who plays as him (it’s Jonny Lee Miller again), but personally I cannot bare to ‘meet’ him again. Did I hate him, well ... he too lame and too slow, so I cannot hate him, just plain bored and again want to ‘whip’ him up to makes some decision about the relationships (and I blame it to his partner too, Fanny Price, how come Jane Austen just arrange ‘two-slow and wont move-on’ couples together ??? The only couples did worse than them is in Persuasion (really getting my nerve just to watch it)

What lessons or influences you got from them?
No good influences just several lessons on how-not-to-understand-your-partner. Sorry if I just sound negative, there is no bad action, just everyone mind their own bussiness, never said or told everyone how their fellings, just keep it in the dark, until it's too late.

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  1. Whoops...2 characters at a time! Actually, Jay Gatsby had become a candidate of my top 5 best book boy friends--before somebody else beat him :) I like Gatsby for his persistence in pursuing his dream and especially for his heroic decision to take the blame of Daisy's careless action. And like Leonardo Di Caprio to cast in the new movie! ^__^