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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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This week I just finished on one of my TBRR Pile Project, after waiting for almost two years, finally I pick-up and reading ‘The Book With No Name’ by Anonymous. Aside from too many books on my pile, I’m also have some hesitation to start reading it, that’s also because many of my friend who already read it said it not worth to even try it – but I still got hugh curiousities on the subject, so after all the argument (inside my head) I just pick-up and start to read it....and would you even surprises that I really like it, maybe because I quite like dark fantasy even the weird one, I mean really a unique story with rather twisted plot, just like when I watch Quentin Tarantino’s movies like ‘Kill Bill’ or even ‘Pulp Fiction’ (who gave such confusing story’s ending for me). 

But don’t be afraid ‘cause “The Book With No Name” was much more understandable than those movies, if I can compare it, just like Wes Craven’s movies in 1980-1990 (I’ll remember it ‘cause watching those movies actually by sneaking up from my parents, they really think it’s to dangerous, to much violation with ‘gory’ scenery for teenager, and they are right, those images really stuck in head for days after watching it – so girls, next time listen to your parents, ok). Now, being much more adult now (hoh0) I like the story beacuse the author puts a hugh mystery and riddle to solve regarding the main character, what’s really happening in the story, and finally who is the main reason behind the massacre. But at the end I foun something really makes me become ‘grumpy’ – that’s because it’s the first book on its series ... oh, bummer, and there’s no sequels on the books, at least in Indonesia, so now I must hunt down the others book just to find out the answers of the mystery !!! Now it’s on my Wishlist, there are : 

THE EYE OF THE MOON by Anonymous
[ The Bourbon Kid #2 ]
Preview :
Following a massive rampage that left the streets of Santa Mondega soaked with blood, the elusive supernatural serial killer known only as the Bourbon Kid is now himself being haunted. Hot on his heels are several vampire gangs, the Secret Service, a couple of werewolves, corrupt cops, and the Dark Lord himself, and none will rest until he is dead. But the Kid has a vengeance of his own to wreak, and young lovers Dante and Kacy, hapless bartender Sanchez, Peto the Hubal monk, and the mysterious Jessica will each be drawn into the escalating vortex of violence
[ source : Goodreads ]   

[ The Bourbon Kid #3 ]
Preview :
In the third installment in Anonymous's popular series which began with The Book with No Name and continued with The Eye of the Moon, the Bourbon Kid returns for more vengeance, this time on the contestants of a television talent contest

The Devil’s Graveyard is an area of desert. Its only habitations are a small roadside gas station, and a giant hotel, where the final of the Back from the Dead singing competition is held, in which contestants compete by impersonating dead stars. Except that someone is killing them off . . . and there are other killers out there, too—not to mention zombies. Featuring characters from The Book with No Name and The Eye of the Moon, this is a show where anything goes and anyone can enter. Even the judges aren't quite what they seem. Sanchez, Elvis, the Mystic Lady, a whole bunch of dead rock stars and, of course, the Bourbon Kid are headed to the Hotel Pasadena for what is quite literally the most cutthroat reality show there's ever been. Dreams will be crushed, deals will be made, and blood will be spilled. The latest book is a rip-roaring addition to the series by the author with no name, which is guaranteed to be every bit as gory, fast-paced, and adrenaline pumping as the previous novels. It's Tarantino meets Pop Idol in a sensationally blood-streaked adventure that takes the tale of the Bourbon Kid to new and even creepier heights.
[ source : Goodreads

THE BOOK OF DEATH by Anonymous
[ The Bourbon Kid #4 ]
Preview :
Believing the Bourbon Kid to be dead, the Egyptian Mummy Rameses Gaius has formed an undead army to take over the city of Santa Mondega. Vampires and werewolves are swarming the streets killing thousands of innocents. The local cops have all been murdered and replaced by…. Sanchez the bartender and his new sidekick Flake.
As the skies darken over the city, JD and his childhood sweetheart Beth plan to leave the city to start a new life. But when Jessica the Vampire Queen gets her hands on Beth it sends JD to Hell.
And back…. as the Bourbon Kid.
Featuring returning characters Dante and Kacy and a few other surprise guests, this new addition to the international bestselling series is crazier and more bloodthirsty than ever.
The Book of Death is the fourth Bourbon Kid novel, following on from The Book With No Name, The Eye of the Moon and The Devil's Graveyard
[ source : Goodreads ]  
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  1. Ih kayaknya rameee, aku suka yang covernya bergaya dark-dark menyeramkan seperti ini.

    1. memang seru ceritanya :D makanya penasaran sama kelanjutannya

  2. Dah takut duluan liat cover nya

    1. don't judge the book by its cover hehe, bagus kok isinya.

  3. iyaa, kovernya serem2 :O
    semoga terwujud aja yaa :D

    1. iya covernya tema dark-fantasi rada gothic begitu.
      Amin, semoga bisa dapetin deh, penasaran berat soalnya >,<

  4. covernya serem, mbak... apakah ceritanya suram? konon banyak footnote-nya, ya? :D

    1. ceritanya sama sekali tidak suram, malah seru plus rada brutal dikit :D seingatku kok tdk banyak footnote-nya, bacanya enak kok bahkan makin lama bikin penasaran. Klo suka model dark fantasi, ini salah satu rekomendasiku mbak peni.

  5. Lhooo baru tau kalo ini ternyata series...kok jadi penasaran ya aku, huehuehue

  6. baru baca buku pertama, tapi nggak yakin lanjutannya diterjemahkan lagi

  7. apa kamu ada tau dmn ada jual borbon #4?