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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Copyright © by Edgar Allan Poe
From “The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales”
This edition published in the Penguin English Library 2012 | 330 p
Front cover illustration : Coralie Bickford-Smith
Inside front cover : Edgar Allan Poe (photograph © The Granger collection / TopFoto)
ISBN : 978-0-141-19897-2
Chapter 17 | p. 271 – 281

It’s really an unique and strange stories, about the experiment to cheat the death using mesmerize tehnique to persued ‘the brain’ as like they still alive, healthy and normal. Written by one single-point-of-view, the narrator who act as him self, the one man who have the ability and knowledge regarding the mesmerize tehnique. He never quite proove his theory until he meet an old friend who suffer from the terminal disease and awaiting for the right moment to die. This sick person named Mr. Ernest M. Valdemar were reknowned author and his interesting on science are the biggest interest that makes him agree to try the experiment. 

When the perfect time are sets, watching as a witness and helper, two doctor also check-out the patient condition before and after the first attempt on mesmerized happens. If there was any objections on this matter, it changing when all the witness watching something extraordinary on the body of very sick man who about to die. His conditions are stays for some period and then slowly all the trace of sickness in his body are gone, one by one. But the body still remaining in the mesmerized condition, just like ‘comatos-patient’ this days. And this experiment taking times for quite a long time, about seven month after the treatment start, then suddenly the narrator want to take this experiment into another level. But that’s means he has to awake the ‘sleeping’ patient. Can you guess what will happen next ? It’s something really horrible I can asure that ... so spooky !!!

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“Mr. Valdemar, are you asleep ?”
“Yes; - asleep now. Do not wake me! – let me die so !”
“Do you still feel pain in the breast, M. Valdemar?”
“No pain – I am dying !”
“M. Valdemar, do you still sleep ?”
“Yes; still asleep – dying.”
“Yes; - no; - I have been sleeping – and now – now – I am dead.”
“M. Valdemar, can you explian to us what are your feelings or wishes now ?”
“For God’s sake! – quick! – quick! – put me to sleep – or, quick! – waken me! – quick! – I say to you that I am dead!”

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