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with some great story-teller around the world
these is just some compilation of epic-stories
that I've read and loved so many times
... an everlasting stories and memories ...


Wednesday, July 11, 2012



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I’ve been on the new project, searching list of children classic, specification on books with Newbery Award, and found that so many of them, a little collection I’ve owned makes me want to complete the collection, at least I’ll trying to search and collect them as my new reading collection. Among those list is : 

Doctor Dolittle Series by Hugh Lofting

I remember reading it in school library at high school, so wonderful world, makes my imagination go around the world with  the adventures of Dr. Dolittle and all animals he meets on the journeys ... so exciting and very interesting, you should know that Harry Potter has not been ‘born’ yet (^_^).  And this book also open my vocabulary about new genre of book at that time, where so far my knowledge about books (beside school-books) it’s all about drama or romance, yes... at that time is very limited choices, not like this time.   

From this book, I’ve been reading books by E.B. White, Beatrix Potter, Lewis Carroll, J.M. Barrie, Jules Verne, all children classic books I can find in Library. So now I really want to collect those memorable stories, added to my collection that who knows is going to my children also ...

First book of this series : "The Story of Doctor Dolittle" by Hugh Lofting 

Review :
John Dolittle, MD, is a respected physician and quiet bachelor living with his spinster sister in the small English village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. His love of animals grows over the years and his household menagerie eventually scares off his human clientele, leading to loss of wealth. But after learning the secret of speaking to all animals from his parrot Polynesia, he takes up veterinary practice.

His fortunes rise and fall again after a crocodile takes up residence, but his fame in the animal kingdom spreads throughout the world. He is conscripted into voyaging to Africa to cure a monkey epidemic just as he faces bankruptcy. He has to borrow supplies and a ship, and sails with a crew of his favourite animals, but is shipwrecked upon arriving to Africa. On the way to the monkey kingdom, his band is arrested by the king of Jolliginki, a victim of European exploitation who wants no white men traveling his country.

The band barely escapes by ruse, but makes it to the monkey kingdom where things are dire indeed as a result of the raging epidemic. He vaccinates the well monkeys and nurses the sick back to health. In appreciation, the monkeys find a pushmi-pullyu, a shy two-headed gazelle-unicorn cross, whose rarity may bring Dr. Dolittle money back home. 

On the return trip, they again are captured in Jolliginki. This time they escape with the help of Prince Bumpo, who gives them a ship in exchange for Dolittle's bleaching Bumpo's face white, his greatest desire being to act as a European fairy-tale prince. Dolittle's crew then have a couple of run-ins with pirates, leading to Dolittle's winning a pirate ship loaded with treasures and rescuing a boy whose uncle was abandoned on a rock island. After reuniting the two, Dolittle finally makes it home and tours with the pushmi-pullyu in a circus until he makes enough money to retire to his beloved home in Puddleby. 

All the complete series of Doctor Dolittle :
The Story of Doctor Dolittle
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
Doctor Dolittle’s Post Office
Doctor Dolittle’s Circus
Doctor Dolittle’s Zoo
Doctor Dolittle’s Caravan
Doctor Dolittle’s Garden
Doctor Dolittle in the Moon
Doctor Dolittle’s Return
Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake
Doctor Dolittle and the Grey Canary
Gub-Gub’s Book 

My wishes is to have the complete collection, but if there's a chance to grab one of those tittle, maybe I will do that too (^_^) ... now, how about your wishlist ?

Best Regards,
* Hobby Buku * 


  1. wowww...keren banget deh inii! akupun koleksi newbery books mba, bagus2 soalnya ceritanya =)

    1. Iya, gara-gara pernah lihat ada challenge tentang Newbery Books (tapi wkt kucari lagi tdk ketemu :( ...lupa ada diblognya siapa)
      Tapi jadi penasaran, mulailah 'misi-baru' hehe, lagi mau bikin nich

  2. lhoh eh ada bukunya ya? selama ini aku cuma nonton filmnya doaaankk

    1. lha wkwkwk ... jangan-jangan nonton yang versi Eddi Murphy ya, ceritanya ngak kayak begitu lho mbak :D

  3. Belum pernah baca Doctor Dolittle, gak terlalu suka buku anak2 sih (ketika sudah gak anak2 maksudnya :D)