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from many centuries until millenium
with some great story-teller around the world
these is just some compilation of epic-stories
that I've read and loved so many times
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Saturday, January 5, 2013


On the first month on year 2013, i just check-on the first Classics Club Challenge, also the first Readathon. This program will be follow by at least 58 participants (last time I check) from around the world, so I'm really exciting to start my own reading and imagining that there's 58 people also reading classic at the same time. It will start at 8 AM EST, but since I live in Indonesia ( it's GMT + 7 and 10-12 hours ahead than time in America ), so it can't be on the same time as others fellows Classics Clubber. So I will makes my own time start on 8 PM on Saturday and ends on 8 PM in Sunday.

My list will be 2 books from Dickens, and this is my first reading on Dickens too, so I'm pumped with full of excitement :  
[ Notes : If I can finished this two, it's will so great, if not it gonna be first start on my Reading Challenge in Dickens in February 2013 (never hurts if we can jump -start so it will finished on time) I will posted the update, not the review, just my though on the readings. Now, let's start the first Readathon (^_^) ]

Oliver Twist 
( I finished read the translation version on this readathon )
My Random Though : 
I knew about this story first time from movies by BBC and an adaptation by Roman Polanski's, but like everyone says, never compare the books with movies adaptation 'cause it's so true. There's a lot I didn't get from the movies, specially how Dickens write this story with 'sarcastic humour', you can read it through whole pages. Dickens writing puts the drama it's self beside the main-story. He can place him self as an narrator or puts the others character in the whole paragraphs, then replace them with another character, another settings, just like we watching live-drama on the stage. He also can give such description on how he want the reader imagine the situations. Maybe this days it's a common knowlegde by many authors, but Dickens live many century ago, so imagine how good he is as a story-teller. You cannot get the horror and tension on this story, even dark-humour and sinister, on how Dickens perception in the bad-uglyness-corrupt system in England those days, simply by watching the movies or drama. But when you read the books, you'll get the stories with the drama and full action live-movie in your mind. 

Great Expectations 
( I read PEL editions ; got to page 50 chapter 7
My Random Though : 
Well, I only get this far, but this story already give me a jump-start on knowing more about Dickens, not the mention the curiousities to finished this as soon as possible. Someone mention to me how good Dickens as a story-teller, and now I believe it also. Can't wait to finished this book ... (^_^) 

Conclusion :
I've enjoying this Readathon, give me a push to provide specially time to read and finished the books that has been on 'challenging pile' so many times. Hopelly it will be another Readathon coming soon, maybe it will be a good idea if this event takes on weekend, so it happens on two days in row instead just 24 hours.

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  1. Good luck - Dickens is a challenge - 2 Dickens is impressive!!
    Happy reading from Sydney Australia
    Brona's Books

  2. Ah, good luck! I love Dickens - not my favorite author, but he's a charmer. I enjoyed both of these, but Oliver Twist ticked me off a bit (just too sweet/angelic). Great Expectations is probably my favorite Dickens, with David Copperfield coming in a close second.

    1. haha, but I found that the book not so sweet and angelic than the movie adaptation. And I do like Great Expectation, even only finish until page 50 ... but it's already give a start to finished it (the story is intrigueing), maybe after this I will check on David Copperfield too. thanks Adam :D

  3. I love Dickens's book...I'm looking foward Great Expectation in Bahasa..

  4. Do try David Copperfield after you finish Great Expectations! My favorite Dickens is Our Mutual Friend....Hope you had a great readathon!