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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MY WISHFUL WEDNESDAY [ 15 ] : The Children of The Red King Series

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I just finished reading The Children of The Red King by Jenny Nimmo, because book 3 of its series I won from Secret Santa’s event by BBI-ers. That’s also means, I have to read and write the review on this month. I’m hoping to wait for the completed series then read it all of them then – so with a little scary, I start to read it ...and my perdiction was right, I’m so in-love with the stories, all three books are finished only by one night. Now, I’m so furious to know more about the sequals, really wanted so much until I say the English version in the bookstores, the completed edition ... whohuu, but waits, looks at the prize *sigh* it’s so expensive, so now I’m torn between waiting the arrival of the translation edition ( it means I have to wait one book a year --- so when will I finished collet them ? ) or I just burst on my money-pit ( a very little one ) and bought all the completed series ... oh, what a dilemma (-__-)

Meanwhile, let me just dreaming and wishful for miracle to happen ( maybe there’s another Secret Santa coming early this year )

[ source ]
“Children of The Red King Series” 
by Jenny Nimmo
  1. Midnight For Charlie Bone ( already have the translation edition )
  2. Charlie Bone & The Time Twister ( already have the translation edition )
  3. Charlie Bone & The Blue Boa ( alerady have the translation edition )
  4. Charlie Bone &  The Castle of Mirrors ( wishlist )
  5. Charlie Bone &  The Hidden King ( wishlist )
  6. Charlie Bone &  The Beast ( wishlist )
  7. Charlie Bone &  The Shadow ( wishlist )
  8. Charlie Bone &  The Red King ( wishlist )
[ source : Fantastic Fiction

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  1. ini yang tokohnya masuk ke dalam lukisan ya kak?

  2. aaakkk aku baru baca buku satunya doang nih mbaaa...makin ke belakang makin seru ya? jadi penasaran juga pengen lanjutin..