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Friday, January 25, 2013

Books "THE CRUCIBLE" [ Act Two-Three-Four ]



This scene taken at midnight, after Elizabeth Proctor are arrested. John Proctor came to Salem and secretly ask Abigail to meet him at the woods. Abigail think and senses that John Proctor finally come for her. But through conversation, at the end she becoming angry at him, specially when he ask Abigail to drop all the charges against his wife. If Abigail thinks that John Proctor under bad-spells from the wicked woman (she means by Elizabeth), on the other side John finally sees Abigail as she is : a crazy and disturbing girl, who gone mad and frantic about their relatioships – even many times he tells her, there’s no such things like a relatioships among them, only between him and his wife. They argue and gone separate with anger, no one gets what they want, but John afraid for what more that little deviliss girl would do unto their family and friends. 

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Notes : this scene are from the original production, but dropped by the author from the published reading version in all editions prior to 1971


Sets on the vestry room of the Salem meeting house, who now turn into the General Court by the judges on this cases. 

The prosecutor is Judge Hathorne, leading the court is Deputy Governor Danforth, with  the help of Ezekiel Cheever and Marshal Herrick, also Reverend Parris as the liasions between church and laws (for his own private interest). They all wants to sets justice on the victims in Salem, and with the main mission to find the Devil’s source among peoples, so many people are arrested, with held in the name of justice in dungeon, so they can ask forgiveness and finally admitted doing the Devil’s works, plead guilty for the sake of their life. Some of them finally say ‘yes’ – guilty on the charges, because of the terror in the court and frightener of their life, taking by the punishment as the Devil’s servants : will be hang immediatly. But some of the good ones, like Rebecca Nurse, and Elizabeth Proctor, not yet plead guilty, because they believe on what’s right and what’s wrong. 

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Meanwhile, Giles Corey, Francis Nurse with John Proctor, trying to makes a case with evidence and proof, that hopelly can free their wives from being hanging. With the help of Mary Warren, who got confuse with the arrest happens on Elizabeth Proctor, after few days rested and staying home, finally she confess to John Proctor, that all the event was a pretense, leading by Abigail Williams. With this, they are feeling more confident to go into the court, asking for justice to done correctly. With so many troubles, after finally they accepted by the judges (at first, no one can enter the court, specially when the judges takes the examination on the suspects, it’s likes being question in the interegation room, almost not all of them can stay long through the proccess, and on the desperate need, they finally agree to confess ‘guilty’). The main judge, Danforth looks like really interesting and what to hear more evidence that can suggest otherwise. But through the proccess, it’s a really a battle, between Reverend Parris with his accompless, like the Putnam’s and those girls, leading by Abigail Williams, while John Proctor and Francis Nurse  with Giles Corey – a very temper man, and the weak-loss Mary Warren, had so little to makes their cases. Even when finally Reverend Hale it’s in their side. 

The Law and Juctice are not in their side, the only looks for something to be blame on this event. And the main key on this is ‘the secret’ keeps hidden by john Proctor, and when he sees that no one can save this situation, he choose to reveal on this court, about his ‘relationship’ with Abigail Williams, that ‘cause this tragedy, and start the crazy act that turn the city up-side down. While the court beginning to sees the truth and the reason behind all those accusation, all the girls are called to be questioning. But again, Abigail Williams can show how good she is to twisted the whole stories, even had a bigger influence on those girls, even on Mary Warren’s side, to go on the other side, again, and accused John Proctor as the new suspect to be questioning, after Giles Corey’s arrest for ‘contempt’ the laws. Even Reverend Hale got him self bursting with anger, to see the injusctice, and realize that he taking part on this event on the very start. The guilt and helpless felling, to sets the truth, are like trying to swim against the strong tide in the sea, slowly his strength are weaker and he begin to drowning. 

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Sets on the Salem’s jail, closely on the day when John Proctor will be hang.

Danforth had found that Reverend Parrish lets Reverend Hale to visited all the prisoners, even he already forbid to came near this case, after his frantic out-burst in the court. Stunning, furious and angry, ‘cause his order are to crossed, he demand the explanation while he visited the jail. Apparently, there’s another ‘tragedy’ happens on Parrish’s home. Abigail Williams are missing, or more appropriate says, she’s gone, running away with Mercy Lewis, after she stole all the content inside his uncle’s safebox, leave him penniless. She robed her own uncle, afraid what come to hers, and realize that her dreams with John Proctor are gone, specially while this man keep as the prisoner, waiting for his punishment come. Deep down insisde his heart, Parrish knows the truth, but he cannot have the strength to admitt the truth, ‘cause it will coming back on him self. Now, a little bit guilt and scare are reaching him, so he try to pursued the prisoners, to confess ‘guilty’ to safe their own life. That’s why he ask Reverend Hale for helps, to convice them, ‘coz no one will listen to him : Reverend Parrish – the council of the church, the God’s messengers, but without respect or honor by its members, that’s makes him getting bitter everyday.

One other things he do, is asking Elizabeth Proctor, to visit his husband (they both in jail but never meet each others, Elizabeth’s verdict are guilty, but the punishment being held ‘cause her circumstances, she’s pregnant, so the court will wait until the baby is born), Parrish and Hale are wishes Elizabeth’s common sense will change John’s mind, to plead guilty for his life, or he will be hanging the next day. The conversation between John and Elizabeth, describe how the marriages are the main part to the sins they makes on each others as a couple, and lets them in the difficult possition until now. But times are giving each others a clear mind, to sees what wrong, and asking for each other forgiveness. But Elizabeth cannot give John’s answers regarding on the choice he had to makes on his belief and their life as a family. With hard-hearted and sadness, Elizabeth only suggest for John to makes his own decision, ‘cause it’s not up to her to dealing with John’s guilt, he had to forgive himself before God’s names or his consience will bother him. Elizabeth are honest and truthfull woman, as his husband testemony on the court, she never lied specially on the face of his husband. John’s struggle through this meeting, he really want to live, having his life back with his family, but that’s means he had to confess ‘guilty’ and signed the form, marks him as the Devil’s servant all his life. But if he choose to ease his counsence, that’s means he will die instaintly in the hanging pile, leaving his family forever ... when the times is ticking, everybody pushed him to makes a decisions, it’s his final act on his entire life !!

Copyright Arthur Miller, 1952, 1953, 1954
Copyright renewed Arthur Miller, 1980, 1981, 1982
Introduction copyright © Christopher Bigsby, 1995
Published in Penguin Books 1995
Cover illustration by Jake Rajs/Photonica.

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