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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Books "THE CRUCIBLE" [ Act Two ]


Sets in the common room  of Proctor’s house, eight days later.

John Proctor enter the room, carrying his gun. He hear Elizabeth singing sofrly to their children, the soup ready in the pot, quite warm but tasteless. Quitly and secretly, Proctor added seasoning and salt in the pot, and quickly puts back all his doing and washes his hand after hearing his wife footsteps. Elizabeth Proctor welcoming his husband by asking why he came so late after the day already dark. Proctor give a reason that his works on their land are much more fartest than the usual. But he can sense her curiostities, questioning how true his words. For several month, their relationships begin to had some problem, difficulty in trustee, specially on Elizabeth’s side. He knows is not her fault, but yet he become so tired being treated and questioning all the time. Untik now, he remains still and hold his anger, simply because his guilt on the ‘uncommon-affair’ between him and Abigail Williams. He knows that those girls act crazy because of Abigail’s influence to hurt his wife, and trying to win John’s heart, to replace Elizabeth posistion as the wife of John Proctor. 

But what John didn’t know, Elizabeth also realize that Abigail will do anything, anything horrified enough to gets-away Elizabeth, like accusing her as the Devil’s slave. In Salem, the trials already begin and so many man and woman are accused possessed and practice in the name of the Devil. So Elizabeth frighten by her future, waiting when finally those accusation will dropped at her. The arguing between John and Elizabeth reaching when Mary Warren, their servant finally coming home. She goes almost everyday to Salem’s trials, ‘cause she’s one of those girls who screaming and yealing and cursing, and said seeing the Devil’s works among people. John so furious with anger, speacially when he already told Mary not to go to Salem. Horrified by her master anger, Mary confesse that ‘today’ she save Elizabeth name from the accussation. Still furious and angry, John told Mary to go to sleep, after she gave a handmade ‘poppet’ for Elizabeth.

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The argueing between John and Elizabeth will never be finished, when their interrupted by Reverend Hale present. He came so late of night, because he feels and had obligation to check on several name on the accusation list. Hale’s already heard a rumors on the way this family behave, and he questions their belief ‘coz many times, John Proctor break the rules of their belief (like skip on churching and doing works on Sabat’s day). He trying some test on both huband and wife, how they know and discipline their Commandments (it’s based on Ten Commandments). But again they all interrupted by uninvited quest, first it;s Giles Corey follow by Francis Nurse, who furious ‘cause their wife, Martha Giles and Rebecca Nurse are captured and accuse as the Devil’s servant. While they arguing, enter Marshal Herrick and Ezekiel Cheever – trustee friend who now works on the other side. And they coming to pick-up and arrest Elizabeth in the same accusation. John knows who behind this, and it’s true that Abigail Williams was the one who accuse Elizabeth had bewitched her, after she suddenly screaming and wounded by long needle in her belly. The proove of those accusation, found in the ‘poppet’ that Mary makes and giving to Elizabeth. All the men in that house so scare after sees a long needle struck in the belly of its ‘poppet’ – just like what happen on Abigail’s.

No matter how hard John Proctor act to prove his wife innocent, all the men of the court still remains to capture and arrest Elizabeth. Even when Mary Warren confessed that those ‘poppet’ are belong to her, not Elizabeth. Mary even beginning in shock on what’s happen on Elizabeth’s. But the witness of this event, Giles Corey, Francis Nurse, even Reverend Hale already see the injustice on those accusation. It’s hard for John Proctor to accept the fact his wife’s life where no longer safe, it’s hard and scary for Mary Warren to face the reality, and it’s harder for Reverend Hale to questioning all the event – is it true that it’s not a Devil’s works behind what happening on those girls, it’s true that all just pretenses ?? Reverend Hale hurting and confuse while John Proctor accuse him as a hipocrit and can see the different between God’s works or Devil’s works. Everyone so confuse, don’t know what to do, only Elizabeth that seems acceptence the situation, she even willing to go with the court minister, to prove that her innocense, even she also know what another choice waiting for her life : being hang as the Devil’s servant.

Then the curtain falls ...  

Copyright Arthur Miller, 1952, 1953, 1954
Copyright renewed Arthur Miller, 1980, 1981, 1982
Introduction copyright © Christopher Bigsby, 1995
Published in Penguin Books 1995
Cover illustration by Jake Rajs/Photonica.

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