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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Books "MÊDÊA" [ Greek Myths a Plays Adaptation ]

MÊDÊA by Euripides

[ source : gutenberg.org ]
Story begin when Jason – son of Aeson, King of Iôlcos, in Thessaly, began his life in exile, when his uncle Pelias take over his father’s kingdom, and baby Jason was born and taking care by Chiron – the Centaur. After Jason mature enough, he demand his heritance, and Pelias willing to give-back the kingdom with one condition : Jason must pursue a quest to the unknown land of Colchis. Jason gather all heroes and sailed with his remarkable ship : Argo (from a story about Jason and the Argonauts).

In his journey, Jason finally reached the land of Aiêtês, king of the Colchians, but as he lost battle against the king’s army. Jason and his army will be vanished if not because of the help from the enemy its self, Aiêtês's daughter : Mêdêa - an enchantress and a princess,  who fell in love with Jason. She helped Jason through all his trials ; deceived her father, stabbed her own brother, Absyrtus, and fled with Jason over the seas. She had given up all, and expected in return a perfect love.

Jason never return her love or even stay true with his marriage on Mêdêa.  Despite with her help and all the sacrifice she made for Jason’s, this man keep hidden his troubles and fear of Mêdêa – a powerful and fearless woman, who often underestimate or describing as a ‘barbaric’ woman (and she is not a Greek). When the winning army return to Thessaly, Pelias who whatsoever never intend returning the Kingdom, gave such hard-time to Jason, and makes Mêdêa who possessed with Jason, do the terrible things, as she thinks she act on the behalf of Jason. 

The result is Jason and his company is outcast from their land.   Desperate to find sanctuary, Jason brought his company to Corinth, who rules by Creon – a powerful leader, with his only daughter that will inheritance all. Jason find a way to release him self from  Mêdêa, by pursued and finally marrying Creon’s daughter with an excuse that he ‘need’ to do that for the safetyness of all his family. He breaks all his promise and also his marriage with Mêdêa, despite they already have two children, even gave another promises that after he married Creon’s daughter, Mêdêa will become his mistress (that’s really an awful proporsition)    
But peace! There cannot be
Ever the same tale told of thee and me.
Thou hast this city, and thy father's home,
And joy of friends, and hope in days to come:
But I, being citiless, am cast aside
By him that wedded me, a savage bride
Won in far seas and left--no mother near,
No brother, not one kinsman anywhere
For harbour in this storm. Therefore of thee
I ask one thing. If chance yet ope to me
Some path, if even now my hand can win
Strength to requite this Jason for his sin,
Betray me not! Oh, in all things but this, I know how full of fears a woman is, And faint at need, and shrinking from the light Of battle: but once spoil her of her right In man's love, and there moves, I warn thee well, No bloodier spirit between heaven and hell.  
[ source]
Mêdêa was never be a weak woman, while her heart broken, she find a way to ask sanctuary and protection form Aegeus – King of Athens, while she makes plan to take revenge by killing Creon and his daugther. Mêdêa’s obssesion and blind-love on Jason becoming hatred, and she willing to sacrifice her own children as a trap to kill Jason. This short plays full with dramatic scenery, describing a life that betrayed in the name of love – shortly it’s a tragedy. I cannot favor any characters ‘cause they all acts as both the victims and predators too. As much I love Greek Myths, this story so dreadful with sorrow, each parts of human-being acts like they searching for happiness in the name of love, instead they own act cannot says as the act of love nor happiness.  Thank God this is a very short story (short-plays), can’t imagine if this becoming novella ...  
"Why must I be mad, O heart
Of mine: and raging against one whose word
Is wisdom: making me a thing abhorred
To them that rule the land, and to mine own
Husband, who doth but that which, being done,
Will help us all--to wed a queen, and get
Young kings for brethren to my sons? And yet
I rage alone, and cannot quit my rage--
What aileth me?--when God sends harbourage
So simple? Have I not my children? Know
I not we are but exiles, and must go
Beggared and friendless else?" Thought upon thought
So pressed me, till I knew myself full-fraught
With bitterness of heart and blinded eyes.
Note : you know, this story remind me a modern adaptation into movies “Fatal Attraction” starring Glenn Close, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer. Mêdêa’s character similar like Alex Forrest plays by Glenn Close, and Jason just like Dan Gallegher plays by Michael Douglas – who thinks he can use Alex as mistress (or just as playmate for a while), never realize this woman have falling-deep into his, even willing to eliminate everyone that stand between her and him. [ more about this movies, check on here : Fatal Attraction ]    

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  1. Dreadful it is, but somehow I think I begin to like Greek plays rather more than Shakespeare's...