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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This month of April 2013, I enter another challenge, reading Emile Zola's works host by Fanda, since I have one book of his works in my pile, I'll join (finally) and quite really surprise with the result. Did I like Zola's works, well it rather difficult to say because the one book I read not really a good example on human's character, but still interesting. If I have spare time this month (don't know how to find it) I will at least try another of his works. In the meantime, here is my update post on the progress :
Note : as the result, I have no time to read another Zola, my reading schedule really hectic until the last minutes on the end of April. But I really enjoying this month, not only I'm having several new experience on reading books who I never knew will capture me with great surprises and pleasure too, and getting know some of new authors (classic and modern) who I never heard their name before until now. It's such a wonderful feeling to open-up new challenge, new adventure who written so well in those books. I'm not a writer, but I'm hugh fan of stories. So I will awaits another event to meet new author and new books too. Thanks for Fanda and o (delaisse) for hosting this event, it might be (if I still have a chance) open-up my interest to read some of Zola's sometimes in this year (^_^)
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  1. I recommend Germinal as your next Zola, it's brilliant! The least darker of others (at least which I've read so far). Congratulations for having tried Zola, and thanks for participating in Zoladdiction! I hope you won't give up yet with Zola... :)