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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CELEBRATING DICKENS [ A Wrap-Up Post + Long Term Project ]

Last February I join 'Celebrating Dickens Event' host by Fanda, as my first attempt to read at least one of Dickens works because like Fanda says, you will never be a Classic Clubber if never knew about Dickens works. And as the result, I really enjoy it and falling love into His works. This event was done only for a month, and turn-out (I just realize it) Dickens works are so many, from short-stories, novella and novel. So I will make this as another long term project (it means I will try to get as many as my spare time to read another Dickens sometimes in this year, and it will continue for the next year and so on). But first, let me do the Recap-Post just to remind me on the list that I already read and will read it later. So here is the list (I will update it as my reading progress)

Charles Dickens' Works :
  1. Oliver Twist  [ DONE ]
  2. A Tale of Two Cities  [ DONE ]
  3. Great Expectations  [ DONE ]
  4. The Haunted Man & The Ghost Bargain  [ DONE ]
  5. A Child's Dream of A Star  [ DONE ]
  6. A Christmas Carol  [ DONE ]
  7. The Signal Man  [ DONE ] 
  8. Charles Dickens' Ghost Stories  [ DONE ]
  9. The Illustrated Stories From Dickens  [ DONE ]
My Thought On Dickens' Works : 
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