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... an everlasting stories and memories ...


Friday, November 30, 2012



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Scene 1 : [ Sets on Senate House ]

Caesar with all his companion (mostly without His awareness, are all the conspirators against him) finally reach the front gate of Senate House. The Soothslayer and Artemidorus are already there, waiting for Caesar. While Artemidorus prepare and giving his letter to reveale this conspiracy to Caesar, Decius also preparing another paper so Caesar would read it first rather than piece of paper from Artemidorus. After avoiding Artemidorus and Caesar finally going inside the building, all the conspirators sets their potition. The plan was bring-out the most avoidable topics to Caesar, so everyone can get closer and surounding Caesar. Then it’s time for the final act : killing Caesar by stabbing him, all of the conspirators must prove them self by stabbing him, and the last one is Brutus. 

The act of killing not only brutal and horror, but after that, all men left on the scene, smears Caesar’s blood to all over their cloth, body and swords, then go-out in the street, celebrating the death of the tyrant __ it’s so vivid 

Grant that, and then is death a benefit.
So are we Caesar’s friends, that have abridged
His time of fearing death. Stoop, Romans, stoop,
And let us bathe our hands in Caesar’s blood
Up to the elbows, and besmear our swords.
Then walk we forth, even to the marketplace,
And waving our red weapons o'er our heads
Let’s all cry, “Peace, freedom, and liberty!”

Brutus is a noble man, and he thinks by keeping the promise of oath from Mark Anthony, everything will clear by the audience, that the act of killing is neccessary as a duty of Roman’s people. He didn’t quite realiaze that Mark Anthony already preparing several plans after hear the assasination. He request and persuade Brutus to let him giving a proper burial for Caesar. But he also sending courier, calling for Octavius’s – Caesar nephew, too stay out of town until he preparing all commoners to revenge and punished all the murderer. 

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Scene 2 : [ Sets on the street, common and public places ]

All the pleibeians ( common people of Rome ) are request explaination behind the act of killing. Brutus is the first to talk,  and suppose to be follow by Cassius. But while Brutus talk, Anthony arrive with Caesar’s body, carrying him across the marketplace, seing by everyones. Again as a nobleman, Brutus give the podium to Anthony, to speak a little about his grieve on Caesar’s death. Then Anthony speaks !! Just like was worried by Cassius earlier, Anthony speaks not only turn people against all the conspirators of murdering Caesar, Anthony also gets respect and influence audience, to praise Caesar and obey on Caesar’s will.

Scene 3 : [ Sets on the street, common and public places ]

Mark Anthony speaks had already influence all the commoners. So they after one-by-one, all the conspirators, hunts them and taking part of the revenge, just like what they do to Caesar’s body. Even Anthony told them not to act brutally, the anger already spread among peoples, and such bad-luck for people who happens had the similar name with the conspirators, ‘cause they are gonna be beaten or even killed. 


By William Shakespeare
Edited by Cedric Watts
© by Wordsworth Classics Editions Limited 1992 and 2004
Cover design by Robert Mathias
Cover Illustration Julius Cæsar (100-44 BC) 
Receiving the Germanic Ambassador, c.1450
By Jean Fouquet ( c. 1420-80 ) [ school of ] Musee Marmottan, Paris, France / Giraudon / Bridġeman Art Library, London

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