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Friday, December 28, 2012

JULIUS CAESAR : Act 4 - Act 5


Scene 1 :
Rome divided into two separate part, the one is Mark Anthony with Octavius and his loyal guardian Lepidus, with the commoners on their side, yet still need to build an army of alliance against Brutus, Cassius, and others conspirators army.

Scene 2 :
Meanwhile there’s conflict between Brutus and Cassius, simply because Brutus still doing his job very well, put the honor and truthfull on their duty. So he punished every single corrupt people of Rome, and some of them are Cassius’s friend who at his protection.

Scene 3 :
With Cassius confrontation about Brutus being accused him, collaboratoring the act of corrupt people, the union between them begin to separeted into different direction. Brutus told Cassius the reason they do the act of killing Caesar, because of their dreams to build a better Rome, so is his obligation to punished all those corrupted and lazy Romans inside Capitol. But the anger ‘coz the two alliance, hated and blame it on each others. Brutus and Cassius, take one to another’s anger, dissappointment and accusing their loyalty as a friend.  After several ‘hot’ arguments, they reach the same conclusion, and trying to forgive each ‘bad-temper’. Brutus said his mind cannot bare the conflict, because of the death of his wife Portia, how kill her self by swallowing the burning coal. To ease the pain of his heart, Brutus intend to drunk, but he still cannot sleep even his body really tired. He calling Lucius to plays some music, makes him going to sleep easily. But nightmare came to His dreams, ghost of Caesar, who said gonna meet Brutus in Philippi.


Scene 1 :
Octavianus and Anthony already preparing their army, and heard the good news that Brutus and their alliance’s army also going to battle, they all gonna meets in Philippi. And finally those two opposite meet face-to-face, declaring their war on each others. 

Scene 2 :
The war is begin. 

Scene 3 :
Brutus army can defeat Mark Anthony’s army, but Cassius got the wrong news, affraid of his life, he commited suicide with the help of his slave, Pindarus. When Titinius and Messalacame to bring the good news, they only find Cassius body. After sending Messala to bring the news to Brutus, Titinius also commited suicide with Cassius sword. 

Scene 4 :
The war still at large. Anthony and Octavianus’s soldier finally face-to-face with Young Cato who killed instantly, while Lucillius act as Brutus, capture as a prisoner.

Scene 5 :
Brutus with the rest of his alliance and loyal soldiers. Brutus is full with grieve and haunted by the ghost of Caesar. So he ask for one of them, to kill him if their gonna be capture. And after running away for a while, they cannot run further more, so there is only one thing to do by Brutus. Killed by his own sword.

By William Shakespeare
Edited by Cedric Watts
© by Wordsworth Classics Editions Limited 1992 and 2004
Cover design by Robert Mathias
Cover Illustration Julius Cæsar (100-44 BC) 
Receiving the Germanic Ambassador, c.1450
By Jean Fouquet ( c. 1420-80 ) [ school of ] Musee Marmottan, Paris, France / Giraudon / Bridġeman Art Library, London

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