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from many centuries until millenium
with some great story-teller around the world
these is just some compilation of epic-stories
that I've read and loved so many times
... an everlasting stories and memories ...


Saturday, November 30, 2013



Count down at the end of 2013, on several RC I enter for this year, this perticulary event I must say really becoming rather surprise on my self. Since I’m not a very good English Readers, learning to read or understood the meaning of plays by Shakespeare or Euripides is quite challenging. But at the end, some of the plays becoming my favorite and push me to even try another works by its writer (^_^)

The first plays I quite enjoying is The Crucible by Arthur Miller, which is written based on true story on the tragedy in Salem (also known as Salem Witch’s Trials), where hundred man, woman even children are punished and killed, accused being part of Devil’s works, practicing Witch Craft, and burn to die without proper justice. Arthur Miller write such tremendous story-line, describing the vivid scenery of histeria and malpractice, accusing innocent people into cruxifice and burn to live.

Than I introduce by fellow reader another works by Oscar Wilde, it the most surprising moment when I ‘falling-in-love’ with his works, specially with The Importance of Being Earnest and An  Ideal Husband (who have not yet written as review). In The Importance of Being Earnest there is Algernon – a rather flamboyant character with such ‘don’t-care-less-about-anything’ attitude, but becoming the most attractive person and hillarious in the whole story. Then I meet Lord ‘Arthur’ Goring – also decribe having similar attitude like Algernon, but inside his ‘bad-image’ and ‘naughty-attitude’ he is true gentleman and loyal friend with good heart and smart brain too (^_^) ...

When I read The Importance of Being Earnest, I already know its a comedy-story, but still Wilde capture a lot of interesting part in whole story. Opposite side when I read An Ideal Husband, from the first time I lead to the mystery and intense story-line about black-mail on someone past, who happens becoming the most respectable and honor person in present...but Wilde slipped a rather unique and comedic scene when the servants mistaken expected quest of hisa master, Lord Goring. At the end, again I becoming Wilde’s fans on his works now (^_^), so hopefully I can manage several time in next year to read on Wilde’s works and plays.

As Wrap-Up Post, here is my reading list for the whole year (not much, but hey, last year I even did not know what is Plays are, less reading it !!) :

Thanks to the host of this event : Fanda and Dessy for the opportunity and introduce me in different-side of stories (^_^)

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