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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Classic Club Check-In #2 : February 2013

Since I've been missing the Classic Club Check-In #1 in September 2012, I will update my reading progress from October 2012 - February 2013. I just start on this project on May 2012, between my list on The Classics Club Project, last year was quite a happy-time for me as a newbie on this, and my little progress can be sees on HERE.

From October 2012 - February 2013, here is my progress : 
My Progress Through The Challenges ...
Well, i know it's not much - mostly chidren classic's literature, but I really satisfied 'coz some of them contain my 'first-attempt' on very new reading, in style-settings-genre, like the first time I reads plays by Shakespeare, or read the heavy-thick book of Gone With The Wind ... I would never read it until there's Read-A-Long event host by Fanda, and quite funny too, 'coz she didn't like the book while reading it, and me who has to be dragged and have hesitation to start - finally enjoy it more (^_^) 
On 2013, even the early start, TCCP having Readathon Challenge to refresh our spirits, and it works for me (I read more focus when comes to deadline haha), then this month I finally meet the great Charles Dickens - now I'm applying for Dickensian's Club (^o^), can't help to falling-in-love with his works, and he will be one of my long-term project to finished it. February it's almost ended but for me it's just another start to the next project, thank's to the Classics Spin and several others Reading Challenge I'm joining this year, my schedule never be so tight over the last two years.

I hope others Classics Member also have enthusiasm and enjoy it the proccess, let's start now, don't hesitant, 'coz before you know it  - you will flying to the mountain (^_^)
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  1. Are you enjoying Great Expectations? I'm also reading the book for Celebrate Dickens month. I really like Pip's narrative and the storyline concerning Miss Havisham.

    1. I do enjoying Great Expectations :D Even most of the characters didn't impress me much, but Dickens have a unique way to make it this story so interesting :D Maybe we can share our experient after finished it this month.

  2. Sumpeeeee, banyaknyaaaaa~ Ak sih segitu banyak satu tahun bacanya... Hahaha.. Good luck in your reading ya...

    1. Ahh ... tapi bacaanmu lebih 'berat' deh dibanding bacaanku :D beda kelas xixi *kelas bulu dan kelas batu* :D